30 minutes on the Tube



‘Travel with style’, is a phrase I always try to keep in mind whenever I frequent public transport. I apply this to my coat, shoes, handbag, and then accessories. This includes my phone – phones plural now actually, as I recently acquired a BlackBerry – something I’m really starting to like.

However, I was browsing the internet today at work, and I noticed an announcement about the ‘credit crunch phone’.  The new Samsung B130 costs just £4.95. £4.95!! Amazing.

Despite times being hard though – do we really want to sacrifice style when for about £50 more you could get a reasonably better looking phone? Who in their right mind would want to whip out a phone that looks like this on their daily commute, when it would ruin the rest of their stylish attire?

Call me shallow, but these things are important to some people – myself included!


The oh-so-chic brick phone...

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