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What recession?

March 19, 2009




The doom and gloom of the recession in the papers every day is starting to weigh me down… which is why it is quite refreshing to hear a financial success story for a change!

The UK’s first eBay millionaire is a kind of rags to riches story of what the not-so-glamorous location of a garden shed can turn in to. Mark Radcliffe invested £200 he saved from stacking shelves at Tesco into starting a small EBay shop from his back garden. His business First2save proved so popular he now owns a £700,000 home with a Ferrari and Aston Martin in the driveway.

This story shows that although the high street is suffering, there’s still money to be made on the internet. It might be less at the moment but it’s still there. A recent report by Forrester in fact predicted that by 2014, UK consumers will spend nearly £56 billion on the web (it was issued in March this year so I presume it’s taken the recession into account!).

With this figure in mind, I hear in his next venture Mark Radcliffe is sharing the love and helping people follow in his footsteps with Maybe I should give it a go… any thoughts on ideas?!

The end of the retainer?

March 13, 2009

With the current economic crisis – is it a recession or depression now? – starting to really bite into budgets, we were wondering how the marketing and PR industries are responding. So we’ve set up a few questions on LinkedIn to survey those in charge of the money and find out what’s really going on.

If you fancy taking part, please click on the below links to be part of the survey, and leave comments below to offer your thoughts.

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