“The Lying Down Game”


I may have been a bit slow on the uptake with this one, however I was fascinated and amused to read about the new ‘craze’ that’s taking the nation by storm. Aptly named the Lying Down Game, it basically involves players lying down. That’s it. The Metro Online reports that “Participants are told there are two aims: it should be as public as possible and as many people as possible should be involved.”

I think it’s hilarious! If you fancy a little rest, why not just have a casual lie down?! If you get any funny looks, you can just tell passers-by that you’re playing the game…perhaps throw in a sincere look and they really will think you’re mad and walk on.

This is just another fantastic example of a viral campaign – similar to recent work seen by T-Mobile and their numerous ‘spontaneous’ dances in famous London locations. This one, however, appears not to be motivated by a

Here's hoping he has good aim...

Here's hoping he has good aim...

company striving to push their product, but for genuine fun. Some of the photos taken of people playing the game include someone lying down in an aeroplane’s jet, a little boy lying on an ironing board, and a cabbie having a quick lie-down out of the window of his cab!

I think I may take myself off for a quick rest now…oh, did I say rest? I mean I’m off to play the game. Whatever.

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