Bring back the Filofax


Much to my joy, I read an article on the, entitled ‘The Filofax is back’. ‘YESSS!’ I thought, I am on trend, I am ahead of the times, as I am, and have been the proud owner of a gorgeous pink leather Filofax for two years now. Hell, I’m a veteran. I then happily tweeted about my exciting news, to which I had several replies, mostly from women, saying they too were Filofax owners.

But could my Filofax replace my BlackBerry?? Not so sure… The article on the Telegraph suggests that many women are turning to their Filofaxes, and favouring them over their iPhones and BlackBerrys because they’re more feminine.

I love my Filofax, and can’t imagine going anywhere without it. It has everything in there, from work related events, to personal appointments, to people’s phone numbers, and even a handy fold out Tube map (with protective plastic sheet I might add!). But I see it as a supplement to my BlackBerry. I can write stuff in my Filofax, but from there on I can’t do much with it. I need something technological to assist my Filofax. It can’t email someone, or text them, or send a meeting reminder to someone.

Still, the brand lives on, and I’m proud to say I will always have one. It looks gorgeous, it’s super handy and works on a personal and professional level for me. But would I have it as a replacement for a multi-functional device? Probably not. It’s more like a handy assistant 🙂


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