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Skywrite reveals “The Science of Friendship”…

July 12, 2010

Friends are good, m'kay

Deep underneath the Soho Hotel in central London, Skywrite recently gathered a cabal of the most knowledgeable people in social media to discuss “The Science of Friendship”.

Skywrite’s MD Emma Hazan was joined by a panel of experts that featured sociologist Dr Vince Miller from the University of Kent, Neil Phillips from Distribeauty and David MacDonald from L’Oreal.  The panel considered the online habits of consumers and whether or not online recommendations through social media sites are listened to or ignored.

Interestingly, the research showed a distinction between how men and women responded to social media recommendations. 75% of women were likely to follow up the recommendation of a product from a social media source, with only 50% of men doing the same. However, men were much more likely to convert a recommendation into a purchase, with 31% buying the product compared with only 17% of women.

For those naughty people that couldn’t attend, Skywrite’s whitepaper on “The Science of Friendship” can be downloaded here.

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