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We are your family now…

August 24, 2010

New research from the Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT and the University of Turku in Finland has found that online communities, whether they are formed through games, social-networking sites or other virtual groups, offer “crucial socialisation and identification experiences” for today’s teens.

The study looked at 4,299 people from Spain, Japan, and the UK who use the social-networking site Habbo. These online friendships were rated to be as powerful as the participant’s connection to their own families and real-world friends.

It seems that, in technologically mature countries, the online world provides a more inclusive source of social identification than traditional friendships – possibly because these connections are likely to be built on many mutual interests and greater pre-selection. And, of course, online communities can also help you to keep in touch with distant friends and family.

Some may bemoan this research, claiming that it indicates a dangerous decrease in real-world interactions. Others may see it as a sign that teenagers are actually becoming more social and breaking the traditional boundaries of friendship built around age or geography.

Skywrite recently held a seminar on our own research report – The Science of Friendship. The panel considered the online habits of consumers and whether or not online recommendations through social media sites are listened to or ignored.

Five of the best: Viral Videos

August 13, 2010

Welcome back to the Skywrite blog. Are you ready to receive your punishment? Then I’ll begin.

It takes a special kind of video to make the leap from throwaway snippet of content on YouTube to global phenomenon. Nevetheless, every year, a few make the cut and spread around the world faster than Salmonella on a cruise ship.

While marketers worldwide continue to try to lay down the rules of how to create successful viral content, let’s look at some of the videos that have already shown the way…

Leeroy Jenkins (2006)

A clip from World of Warcraft didn’t seem that promising as viral premises go, but it’s the running conversation between the assembled nerds that makes this one unmissable. “Leeeeeeeeeeroy Jeeeeeeeeenkins!” has undoubtedly become the rallying cry for desperate madmen everywhere.

 Keyboard Cat (2009)

Who can resist a cat wearing a T-Shirt, hammering out a catchy tune on a keyboard? Fatso the cat became such an internet success that you can even find a keyboard cat version of a certain annoyingly popular T-Shirt…

Leave Britney Alone! (2007)

When things looked bleak for Britney personally and professionally, Chris Crocker’s tearful plea for mercy attracted almost 2 million views in 24 hours.

David After Dentist (2009)

What happens when you mix a 7 year-old high on anaesthetic with a father whose only concern seems to be capturing the comedy gold on camera?

Grape Lady Falls (2007)

Reminiscent of “You’ve Been Framed”, there’s something timeless about watching this jovial TV presenter completely wipe-out…

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