About the Skywriters

Emma (@emmahazan)
Emma likes gadgets. She’d eat them for breakfast if she could. She’s been a gadget girl since her dad gave her a Commodore 64 wrapped in a red bow for her tenth birthday. She has now replaced her beloved 64 for a Mac, her Gameboy for a DS and her Fisher Price telephone for a BlackBerry. She’s found a job where she gets to talk gadgets all day long and get paid for it. Life is good. She’d choose Indy over Bond, Galaxy over Cadbury, Wii over PS3 and dreams of Kevin Bacon. 



Nick (@nickvangelis)
Nick has a taste for the creative side of the communications mix – from building viral campaigns that work to video editing to writing that perfect page of copy. He likes to use American spelling and Capitalize Every Word In His Blog Titles. He blames this dissolute use of grammar on his time living in the USA. Nick likes London, but thinks he might prefer Sydney or San Francisco. He would like to have a koala as a pet and so is always on the lookout for someone willing to import one.



Ruth (@ruthwalters)
Ruth is all about cool Cymru. South Wales born and bred she’s regularly found reciting infamous Gav & Stace quotes in her sleep, wishing she was Charlotte Church and proclaiming everything in life is generally ‘tidy’ or ‘lush’. Now this side of the Severn Bridge, she’s into blowing cash she doesn’t have in Selfridges, gorging Hummingbird Bakery cupcakes until she can’t take anymore and generally telling extremely unfunny jokes.



Sam (@sambrookes)
Sam works on social media, creative and new business along with his more traditional PR role at Skywrite. Although Sam tries to pretend otherwise, he is a bit of a geek! If someone would let him, he would happily spend his days looking at new gadgets, finding other peoples “cool” campaigns, looking at lolcatz and searching Twitter for all of the previous! Like a few of the Skywrite team he is also a massive foodie. He loves an update on anywhere people have been for a something a bit different. He is also one of those people that always has his phone in his hand.



Jen (@JenAllsopp)
Although Jen likes to think she’s ever so cool, she’s actually ridiculously straight-laced and organised (when it comes to work anyhow). In an ideal world her day would consist of: a lie-in, several hours shopping, eggs benedict (not to be outdone by all the foodies in Skywrite), watching rugby or cricket in the pub, a West End musical, dinner and a movie with friends – and an added bonus would be cocktails and dancing till the early hours!



Holly (@hollysainsbury)
Holly is Skywrite’s newest graduate and has an unhealthy appetite for power ballads, Boost chocolate bars and Countryfile. She loves live music and theatre and can often be found ‘glamping’ at festivals across the country. Her karaoke song of choice is always Beyoncé’s Single Ladies which will (after a few too many glasses of wine) be accompanied by the full dance routine.



Matt (@mpwatson)
Matt joined Skywrite in 2012. He hails from Formby near Liverpool – a village famous for being home to one of the UK’s last colonies of red squirrels, and not much else. Matt has been a technology fan for as long as he can remember, having grown up with an IT manager in the family. When not at work, he likes to spend his time seeing shows and exhibitions, having dinner and drinks with friends, or planning his next vacation.

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