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Skywrite slims down

November 25, 2011

Towards the end of 2010 our very own Ruth Walters embarked on a massive personal challenge when she vowed to run a marathon. Over the following weeks Skywrite was enthralled by the amazing diet and training regimes that she underwent! It almost felt like we were going through it as a team – although we clearly were not.

Ruth is now on a bride-to-be body blitz. After completing the marathon in April, she’s hung up the running trainers and switched her focus to lifting weights and eating a LOT of protein. So impressed with Ruth’s success, the rest of the Skywrite ladies have jumped on the health and fitness bandwagon!

Here are some of the diets and exercise regimes that ARE whetting the appetite in Skywrite: 

  1. Fish and Greens – enjoying the health benefits that oily fish has to offer
  2. Zumba – proves that exercise really can be fun
  3. Cod Liver Oil – the fishy theme continues
  4. Running for the train – getting little bursts of exercise where we can
  5. Frothy Slime – a nutrient supplement drink that contains Spirulina

18-24 year olds send on average 110 texts a day

September 21, 2011

What? Doth mine eyes deceive me? Surely this story can’t be right?

Firstly – how do they have that many friends that they need to contact every day, and secondly, what do they have to chat about at such length?

I fall into this category, being 24, and I can safely say, hand on heart, I send nowhere NEAR that amount of texts. Nor have I ever. I appreciate that this is on average, but worryingly, that means there are some in this age group who send way more than the average.

These findings lend themselves nicely to the amount of chatter we hear about people being addicted to their mobile phones – with research from Ofcom finding that ‘60% [of teens] admitting to being ‘highly’ addicted to their phones.’ This survey takes it one step further, by revealing that ‘the study also shows that smartphones have begun to intrude on our most private moments, with 47% of teenagers admitting to using their device in the toilet. Only 22% of adults confessed to the same habit.’ Eww.

It’s true that smartphones are totally ubiquitous these days – they do everything for you: let you stay in touch with friends/family, read news on the move, watch TV, listen to the radio, and basically stay on top of your social life by acting as a calendar. They even have games to keep you entertained on a long journey – who needs Travel Connect4 now?

Going back to the texting element though, I do wonder if we’ll soon be seeing more and more injuries caused as a result of too much texting. Research that dates back as far as 2006 shows that millions suffer from RSI’ – so surely it’s not too much of a leap to expect that figure to now be in the billions? The NHS has a page set up dedicated to causes/symptoms of RSI that’s due for update in February 2012. I don’t think it’s unrealistic to imagine that one of the causes to be added on to that list will be ‘texting’.

UKTJPR uncovered

August 11, 2011

Thursday 4th August saw the mighty UKTJPR roll into town and throw another amazing bash. But what is the UKTJPR I hear you cry? Well – we hear from our very own Amy Ronge, UK events director for the group, to find out…

Skywriters: What is the UKTJPR?

Amy: UKTJPR stands for UK Tech Journalists and PRs – it’s a basically a networking group that throws really good parties – for free. It’s a volunteer run group, with a team of about 8 people. We have a Facebook group where people can request to join, and we share most of our info on there, and through our Twitter feed. I’m the UK events director along with my friend and colleague, Laura Strong. We hold parties about 6 times a year, some big, some small – but always a lot of fun.

Skywriters: What does your role entail?

Amy: I am responsible for running all the events we have in the UK – from finding a sponsor, to picking the perfect venue and then hosting the night. There’s a lot of work involved, a lot of back and forth with sponsors and the venue, but it’s all worth it in the end when we can put on a fantastic event.

Skywriters: So what was last Thursday’s event all about then?

AR: In the spirit of summer, we decided to have a BBQ. We started planning a good couple of months ago, and found a great sponsor in NVIDIA. Finding a venue that was central and had a big enough roof terrace was tricky, but we found the perfect spot with the Big Chill House near Kings Cross. Last Thursday was mega – we had 250 people turn up, and the atmosphere was amazing. Drinks flowed all night, the BBQ was gobbled up, and as far as I can remember, dancing was involved at some point too…! All the buzz created around it was great – with queues out the door and lots of chatter on Twitter.

Skywriters: What’s next then?

Amy: Next up is an event in October….you’ll have to watch this space!

Mind the generation gap

June 20, 2011

I recently heard Hotwire advisory board member, Charles Davis of the CEBR (centre for economics and business research) speak on the topic of consumer austerity, and I was pleased to hear his message that it’s not all doom and gloom in the consumer market.  There is plenty of good news out there – it just gets buried underneath the bad.

Consumer austerity is a particularly relevant topic in the world of public relations; according to our research performed with the Holmes Report 32% of communications professionals have seen their budgets stay static this year, with 18% seeing a drop.  Alongside this, almost a quarter of respondents stated that the money conscious approach being adopted by both consumers and businesses has affected their campaigns,  forcing them to become more innovative in order to make them work harder and penetrate a less receptive and more careful market.      

As a PR agency we think we understand how recession is affecting today’s markets, but are we aware of how it will affect future generations of consumers?  According to an article by MediaCom, 71% of junior school children already understand the term ‘credit crunch.’  Moreover, many parents are using the recession as an opportunity to educate their children to be more financially aware.

This reaction to the economic crisis could lead to an interesting generation of financially savvy shoppers.  And though many PR professionals and marketers assume that money-saving behaviours will become obsolete on exiting the recession, with this educational approach our successors are likely to learn from our mistakes.  Perhaps we in turn will have to learn to adapt our campaigns to suit a more cautious and financially aware audience.

Never fear, the monkeys will save you

September 28, 2010

There’s been many a story around this year’s Commonwealth Games in India, but the latest instalment in the saga, after the dodgy hotels in the athlete’s village, the snakes infesting the complex and collapsing bridges, is a troupe of trained MONKEYS sent to protect the athletes. Yes, today the Telegraph reports that a team of trained monkeys will be guarding the athletes at this year’s Commonwealth Games. The ‘highly intelligent primates have been patrolling stadiums and accommodation blocks to scare off other wildlife including wild monkeys, dogs and even snakes.’

The Langur monkeys are known for their ‘intelligence but also their aggression’ and are ‘highly effective in deterring other animals from taking up residence’. Maybe they make like a skunk and let off a pungent scent…Poor athletes. Not 100% sure Tom Daley knew what he was letting himself in for, poor little diving boy. Still, better to have a beaming monkey on patrol than dive into a pool infested with rats, or worse, a deadly cobra as one athlete reported.

Fancy waking up with one of these in your face?

Whatever next. Thoughts welcome 🙂

The lighter side of politics

May 12, 2010

I followed the whole general election debacle with much interest, particularly around the debates. I also took a keen interest in the PR stunts that some agencies did off the back of the election, such as the great ‘designer’ kitchens from Ikea, where each one was made to represent one of the potential 3 leaders.

Another big talking point amongst more of the fashion and beauty focused people was the impeccable smoothness of DCam’s shiny and super smooth forehead. Now, everytime I looked at him, I couldn’t help but wonder where I’d seen that face before. And no, not in politics, but just someone else who had an uncanny likeness to him. And then it came to me. Don’t get me wrong, I actually don’t mind our new prime minister…but this looky-likey..well, judge for yourself!

From L-R: Jake Tucker, Family Guy; David Cameron, our new Prime Minister

Bring back the Filofax

March 1, 2010

Much to my joy, I read an article on the, entitled ‘The Filofax is back’. ‘YESSS!’ I thought, I am on trend, I am ahead of the times, as I am, and have been the proud owner of a gorgeous pink leather Filofax for two years now. Hell, I’m a veteran. I then happily tweeted about my exciting news, to which I had several replies, mostly from women, saying they too were Filofax owners.

But could my Filofax replace my BlackBerry?? Not so sure… The article on the Telegraph suggests that many women are turning to their Filofaxes, and favouring them over their iPhones and BlackBerrys because they’re more feminine.

I love my Filofax, and can’t imagine going anywhere without it. It has everything in there, from work related events, to personal appointments, to people’s phone numbers, and even a handy fold out Tube map (with protective plastic sheet I might add!). But I see it as a supplement to my BlackBerry. I can write stuff in my Filofax, but from there on I can’t do much with it. I need something technological to assist my Filofax. It can’t email someone, or text them, or send a meeting reminder to someone.

Still, the brand lives on, and I’m proud to say I will always have one. It looks gorgeous, it’s super handy and works on a personal and professional level for me. But would I have it as a replacement for a multi-functional device? Probably not. It’s more like a handy assistant 🙂

Depressing yet true

December 21, 2009

I’ve just read an interesting story on CNET US that is discussing the news that the state of Maine is deciding to put warning stickers on all mobile phones to be sold in shops across the state.

The story leads with this paragraph, which, effectively, sums up the whole piece: “Although there is no conclusive proof that mobile phones cause cancer, a Maine legislator wants to require all mobile phones sold in the state to carry warnings that say mobile phones may do so”. “Although there is no conclusive proof” – so WHY do it then?!

I find this bizarre – nearly everything causes cancer these days, and we all already know about it, so why strike more fear into people by putting warning stickers on phones, when it’s not even proven! Smoking, sure, I get that, but phones? The world’s going mad!

“The email you wish you’d never sent…”

December 11, 2009

Everyone’s had that moment of instant regret when being a little too trigger-happy with the  ‘send’ button on an email, but no one perhaps as much as Holly, a grad at Deloitte. Or rather, ex-grad…read on…

Here’s how it all started…


What started on Tuesday this week has become a viral phenomenon in a matter of days, being sent on to team members, colleagues and friends and not only in Deloitte. In fact, this one email has become so widespread that even the Times Online has picked it up and ran a story leading with the headline “Holly went lightly after he-mails turned viral”.

See the Times’ story here:

What was meant to be a bit of office Christmas fun has turned into a viral sensation that has forced Holly into quitting her job on the grad scheme at Deloitte after just four months. Poor girl…

A year in the PR World

December 10, 2009

As the year is drawing to a close, PR Week has summed up what has been a tumultuous year in PR-land. In a month-by-month breakdown, they’ve highlighted highs and lows within the media and PR industry, covering everything from companies that have had to make job cuts to Nick Griffin being made an MEP [shock!]

 They’ve also stuck a ‘reputometer’ at the end of the piece – charting who’s risen in our expectations and who’s lingering at the bottom. I have to add my two cents in here though – in the ‘Hot’ section of the reputometer, they haven’t included the rise and rise of Cheryl Cole…surely this year she’s dominated headlines once again? All in all it’s a great round up and it makes you wonder how so much has happened in such a short space of time, with a lot of it being so negative…

Roll on the next 12 months!

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