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Life as a grad at Skywrite: varied, busy and (sometimes) glamorous!

December 23, 2011

It’s hard to write about a typical day in consumer PR here at Skywrite, so I thought I’d document one specific day to give a snapshot of what a day in the life of a grad at Skywrite is like…

My first job of the day is to pull together something called ‘industry buzz’ for one of our clients, this involves tracking the most talked about app developers and getting a handle on the main tech stories of the week. It’s a great way to keep up to date with the news and trends within the industry.

Excitement levels in the office are pretty high today – leading consumer tech site T3 approached us earlier this week to play starring roles in the latest “Junk or Genius” video feature, and filming takes place today. It’s not often PR’s get a chance be in front of the camera, so we all willingly stepped up to take part…You can see our expert opinions on a ‘high tech’ desk over here!

After the film crew leave, we all begin to calm down and I crack on with my to-do list. A key focus for today is to secure briefings at the tech trade show CES in Las Vegas.  The event is the biggest tech show in the world and is taking place in January, so we’ve only got a couple of weeks to get everything sorted. It’s important to get the key journalists visiting the event to meet with my clients. We sent out an email invite earlier on in the week, but today I pick up the phone and speak to our contacts to secure interviews and arrange times. It’s also a great way to speak to new contacts and strengthen relationships with those I already know. Logistically CES can be a nightmare, so it’s essential that we organise every last detail.

After lunch I work on securing review opportunities for some of my clients, this involves trawling the internet and magazines for potential review features and finding the best contacts to target. I then call them up to pitch my clients.  If they agree to review the product, I then package up and send out the kit and add the opportunity to our tracking document.

Last thing I do before switching off for the day is to send around a call agenda to a client. We have our weekly catch up call first thing tomorrow, so it needs to go over this afternoon, ready for the call. This involves pulling together all of our key actions, activities and achievements of the past week and our actions for the week ahead. I share it with our internal account team first, to make sure they haven’t got anything to add, and then send over to the client. It’s then time to head home and rest before the next day hits!


The Low Down: Internships

September 5, 2011

Holly started interning here at Skywrite PR six months ago and as of this month will become a fully fledged employee. Therefore, she thought now was as good a time as any to look back at her internship and highlight her top tips for others about to embark on an all important internship:

Read all about it

Working in PR, you can never read enough. It really pays to have a strong understanding of all current affairs, and by that I mean worldwide news headlines, celebrity (and industry) gossip, social media trends and the latest industry news. A really thorough knowledge of current topical issues will help you in all areas of your internship, including pitching to journalists, brainstorming and drafting copy.

Short term pain = long term gain

Keep looking ahead. You may not be given the exciting or important jobs that you had hoped for straight away, but the important thing to consider is how these (sometimes menial) tasks will help you to achieve that highflying career you’ve always dreamed of.

Just remember, the agency’s MD will have at one point made the tea/coffee, stuffed 500 press packs and clipped endless pieces of coverage at the start of their career too.

We all have to start somewhere!

Eager Beaver

One way to help ensure you are given increasing amounts of responsibility during your internship is to show you’re eager to learn and get stuck in. From my experience, eagerly undertaking the menial tasks and executing them with great attention to detail will build trust between you and your team. In turn, this will make your mentors more likely to task you with the more exciting PR jobs and mean you will gain a larger variety of experience.

Time don’t wait for no one

Whether your internship is for 2 weeks or 5 months, it will fly by. So make sure you grasp the opportunity from day one and try not to rest on your laurels at any point – it could mean the difference between being offered at full time job or going back to unemploymentville!

Any other questions?

Be inquisitive, feel free to ask the team about their background, tips and career highlights – you’ll learn a lot about what a career in PR actually entails. You’ll find most seasoned PR professionals are very willing to help out the next PR generation in any way they can.

Lastly, enjoy – not only will you learn loads of invaluable tools and information, you’ll meet some awesome people and have a blast!

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