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Benson the Fish – RIP

August 6, 2009

Another classic story in the news this week – from last week’s story about cheese, to this week’s, about fish. Not wanting to seem food-obsessed, I’d like to point out that it’s not the eating kind, but the living kind. Well, actually, Benson, the fish in question, has now died. He leaves behind him the accolade of being Britain’s oldest, and largest carp, weighing in at a whopping 64lbs! Fatty fish eh? He survived for 25 years, and was caught, (and put back) over 60 times. I suppose being 64lbs meant he didn’t really have speed on his side, hence the reason why he was caught so much.

Benson...may he rest in that fishy heaven in the sea...

Benson...may he rest in that fishy heaven in the sea...

However, the point of my story is this: is it a slow news day?! This story made the FRONT page of The Times. The Times?! It then achieved a full page on page 4 of the same newspaper. Not being funny, but aren’t there other, slightly more important things to write about, such as the latest troops and their lack of equipment, or how a man has been arrested in connection to the Milly Dowler murder after all these years – that could have made the front page.

It’s a great light-hearted story, but I’m still amazed it was given so much space. Mind you, that doesn’t amaze me as much as the fact that the fish was 64 lbs. That’s more than half of my weight. Mental!


The moon is made of cheese…

July 30, 2009

OK so that headline is more in my imagination, but recently, there has been cheese near the moon. No, I’m serious, and it’s literally my favourite story of the year so far. So much do I like this story, that I have tweeted about it 3 times. Once about its launch, once about its attempt at orbiting the Earth, and finally about its safe landing in a garden.

The BBC reads, and I quote:  ‘A block of cheese launched into the upper atmosphere on Tuesday has been found undamaged in Buckinghamshire’.

The piece of cheese was launched into the Earth’s atmosphere with a helium launch pad a few days ago, to mark the

The fateful cheddars as it prepares for take off...

The fateful cheddar as it prepares for take off...

 40th anniversary of the moon landing.  Makers even fitted it with GPS, to track its whereabouts, but the devious West Country Farmhouse Cheesemakers’ cheddar was quickly ‘lost in space’.

Its maker, a fine gentleman called Dom Lane is going to now taste a bit of the infamous cheese, to ‘see if it matured at high altitude’. GENIUS! I bet it tastes wonderful. I’ve always wanted to try space cheese.

Some people may read this post and think “what a waste of time” that a) someone launched a piece of cheese into space in the first place, and b) why is this mad woman so keen to write about it? But then there are those who, like me, will sit back and appreciate this story for what is really is: an attempt to change the world, through the power of cheese. Nom nom nom…

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