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Why game?

August 21, 2009
Recent research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has found that gamers are less healthy, fatter, and more depressed than non-gamers. CDC’s Dr James Weaver told the BBC: “Video game players also reported lower extraversion, consistent with research on adolescents that linked video-game playing to a sedentary lifestyle and overweight status.”
Could he be a gamer?

Could this adonis be a gamer?

Not really surprising when you consider that they spend most of their free time sitting in front of a computer screen, eating high fat, refined foods and taking less exercise than a narcoleptic sloth with a nasty case of glandular fever. Despite recent attempts to make gaming more healthy, it remains a very passive pass-time.

So why do it? Well, let’s face it, in our daily lives we just don’t get to stomp around in big-stompy-robots, blowing up other big-stompy-robots.

Not as much as we would like anyway.



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