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30 minutes on the Tube

November 17, 2008


‘Travel with style’, is a phrase I always try to keep in mind whenever I frequent public transport. I apply this to my coat, shoes, handbag, and then accessories. This includes my phone – phones plural now actually, as I recently acquired a BlackBerry – something I’m really starting to like.

However, I was browsing the internet today at work, and I noticed an announcement about the ‘credit crunch phone’.  The new Samsung B130 costs just £4.95. £4.95!! Amazing.

Despite times being hard though – do we really want to sacrifice style when for about £50 more you could get a reasonably better looking phone? Who in their right mind would want to whip out a phone that looks like this on their daily commute, when it would ruin the rest of their stylish attire?

Call me shallow, but these things are important to some people – myself included!


The oh-so-chic brick phone...

What does PR look like?

October 9, 2008

Claudia woke up and decided she was simply awesome!

Claudia woke up and decided she was simply awesome!


Every morning, when a PR person awakens, they become fortune tellers and artisans.  Choosing the right outfit is an art form and by paying attention to the sound of our media loving souls, we can be anyone we want to be.

Nothing is static, including our moods.  When you wake up in the morning, before getting dressed, ask yourself, “who the heck am I today?”  This should be followed by, “who the heck do I want to be?”  The second question is only required if the answer to question 1 is inconclusive, unsubstantiated, or just not good enough. One should NEVER willingly opt to emulate a total loser.

A messy train wreck of an outfit is a direct reflection of what you are and your total lack of ambition. It’s not hard to figure out – if your mood is a lame duck then cook up a peacock of an outfit.  These are the fundamentals of personal PR!

Claudia obviously woke up this morning and said, “I am one hot tamale and capable of getting full page coverage in every national, for all of my clients, before lunch! After which, I shall retire to a private members club, drink cocktails and be adored by my public.” 

I have no doubt whatsoever that she did.

What does PR look like?

October 3, 2008

Welcome to a look behind the scenes at what the fashionistas in PR look like. PR peeps are notoriously fashion forward. They dress to impress clients, the press and anyone else who gets in their way. It is extremely difficult to find one that looks like crap but trust me if they are out there, I will be naming and shaming…maybe.

When I was looking for an interesting PR look today I did not have to look too far for inspiration. There is so much going on around the globe,  including the meltdown of financial institutions and the credit crunch. So I asked myself, what does meltdown chic look like? Fashionistas facing ruin should ramp up the stakes, wear lashings of colour and stand proud as a survivor of the credit crunch. I christen the look crunchy, melty, bailout chic!

Enter Amy, this week ‘s muse.  Amy’s outfit speaks volumes about our troubled times with it’s mix of high street labels and antique jewellery.  It screams,  “my taste, unlike global finance is not broken, busted or in need of a bailout!”

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