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Hi…er, is that Mr Monster Munch?

December 7, 2009

It emerged in the news recently that a man who loves Monster Munch, the best crisps to emerge from the 90s ever (fact), has changed his name by deed poll to Mr Monster Munch, to show his love of the potato snackettes.

The reports that “He often mixes his Monster Munch with traditional meals – but is yet to crack the secret of mixing the crisps with his breakfast”, and that he changed his name after his mates dared him to. When asked about his love affair with the crisps, he replied ”I just don’t want to give up Monster Munch – I loved them when I was a lad and when they brought out the new retro packs I must admit my heart skipped a beat.” His friends say they’ll call him Monster.

Oh dear….

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