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Gail Trimble vs Jade Goody…

February 25, 2009

Many newspapers have recently drawn a parallel between the media frenzies surrounding Jade Goody and Gail Trimble.

They have all commented that there is something disturbing about a society that revels in its own ignorance. Jade has earned huge sums of money for not doing anything in particular other than being famed for her ignorance, while Gail Trimble found herself at the receiving end of an internet hate campaign after showing her knowledge on University Challenge.

Yes, it’s terrible. Or is it?

Certainly, granting fame and fortune to people for nothing in particular is not a new trend. Socialites (i.e. people famous for going to parties) have been around for hundreds of years – and they are still common today: Paris Hilton, Tara Palmer Tomkinson and even Liz Hurley started their careers in this way. Many more people are simply born to their fame. There’s actually a good argument to say that Jade did more to earn her fame than the Queen.

And has Gail really been attacked online? In fact, I could only find a tiny handful of negative articles amid an avalanche of praise. Conversely, Jade was ridiculed in every newspaper and television show in the land. Essentially she became a jester, willing to be laughed at to make a living (albeit a good one!)

Generally speaking, intelligence is one last area where prejudice can remain. Where criticising someone’s sex, height, age, appearance or skin colour would lead to a world of trouble, attacking intelligence is considered fair game. And it’s undeniable that celebrities receive more flak for not having it, than for having too much of it.

If a few disgruntled Oxbridge haters want to sound off online, well, that’s the democracy of the internet and their own insecurities. But, comparatively to Jade, Gail has seen respect and support.


Are the celebs still in demand?

September 24, 2008


Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole


An article in this week’s Media Guardian “The New Seriousness” sparks an interesting discussion around whether there has been a decrease in demand of the traditional gossip and celebrity magazines over the past few years. This is difficult to believe considering the papers this week have been dominated by celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Jade Goody and Cheryl Cole… So do we still enjoy a good piece of celebrity gossip or are we losing interest in Posh’s new crop? I know I still enjoy reading about the latest scandal or radical haircut but am I on my own here?

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