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April 23, 2009



After hearing my father has become Twitter’s number one fan, I have since learnt that the latest craze in social media is apparently becoming a firm favourite with the older generation. ComScore, the internet market researchers,  have released some surprising statistics showing that 45 to 54-year-olds are 36 per cent more likely than average to visit Twitter. It has rapidly become a voice for business as well as pleasure, which most likely explains its attraction to older users like my father, who have probably explored every other traditional form of business networking there is.


However, I have noticed that the younger generation have not yet fully embraced it. My guess is that the typically tech-savvy, younger users of Facebook and MySpace don’t really know what to make of such a simple concept. They can easily create an identity by filling a whole page with photos, videos and various other widgets, but without actually saying very much for themselves. They have become brainwashed and spoilt by the endless technology applications available. Perhaps the simplicity of Twitter stumps them, invariably making it more difficult.


I have to admit, myself being an occasional tweeter from the ‘younger generation’, I sometimes find myself a bit stuck for things to ‘tweet’. It also seems the most popular tweets to follow are those of the more mature users such as Stephen Fry and Jonathan Ross. This gets me thinking that their worldly words are simply more interesting and that maybe they just have more to say?


Perhaps we are all wrong to think kids are the only ones jumping on new technology!


BBC suspends Brand and Ross over ‘answerphone-gate’

October 29, 2008

Whoever said today’s news is tomorrow’s chip paper did not anticipate the maturation of the UK’s Health and Safety regulations.  They also did not anticipate the power of the media when it comes to whipping up a storm. 

Immediately following the broadcast of Russell Brand/Jonathan Ross obscene phone messages to Fawlty Towers’ Manuel, only two people complained about the content.  Fast forward ten days and by 9.30 this morning, that figure had risen to more than 18,000. And the duo are suspended pending an investigation.

I, probably like the majority of those who complained about the broadcast, have not actually heard the offending piece. But I imagine it to be quite offensive.  The Russell Brand show often is.

So why the furore now?  

Because it has all the ingredients to make a very tasty story indeed.  Russell ‘living the Brand’? Check.  Ageing British TV icon?  Check.  Pics of a saucy young vixen? Check.  BBC wasting licence fee payer’s money?  …you get the picture. And once a story like this makes it onto the news agenda we the public, reporters, PRs and commentators alike all swarm like flies around the news squeezing it for all it’s worth. 

Not that it acts as any kind of salve for Manuel, but looks like his grand daughter (who probably did have relations with that man, by all accounts) will benefit from this – in a Madonna/Magdalen way of course – chiding the offenders for their lewdness at the same time as promoting her career in erotic dance.

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