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How private is private?

May 29, 2009

Well, not very if you’re a celebrity. And, yes, I know that’s a given and pretty obvious, but I’d like to use a case study to highlight my point here.

Katie Price and Peter Andre: the perfect couple?

I’d like to look at the recent media coverage on what is undoubtedly turning into the country’s biggest marriage break-up (since Jen and Brad, of course).

At the start of the week, the media was reporting the break up in a fairly tasteful manner, stating that ‘Katie and Peter wanted to be left alone’ and that this was a ‘time when their privacy should be respected’.  Fast forward a few days however and you can’t turn the page in a newspaper or magazine without seeing their faces splashed all over it. It’s all turned pretty ugly, in fact.

Peter casually carries his promo CD to a meeting with his divorce lawyer...

Peter casually carries his promo CD to a meeting with his divorce lawyer...

Once again, the media has started a feeding frenzy on someone’s life, and fair do’s, celebrities offer themselves up on a plate for it.

However, this is what the public thrive on – well, those who love their daily dose of celebrity (and I include myself in this). A story has far more longevity if you can bring in past lovers, expert opinions on the matter (body language specialists are always my favourite) and so on and so forth. Dragging out a story is the media’s speciality, especially if it keeps changing every day, and some new juicy gossip arises.

Mind you, can you really blame the media, when celebs such as Mr Andre carry their new album around with them…?


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