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Mash-up: Rambo vs Titanic

June 19, 2008

We reviewed the latest Rambo movie for the Download show this week…if you’re an action movie fan and don’t mind serious guts and gore splattered over your TV screen, this is for you. And Stallone doesn’t fail to impress, even at the ripe old age of 61. I was then browsing YouTube last night and saw this pretty vile parody of a seriously gory scene in the film with the Benny Hill theme playing over it.  

I don’t really want to post it on here as some people will find it really inappropriate (for those that don’t it’s not hard to find) but it does lead me on to another YouTube mash-up which I absolutely love.  You could be forgiven for thinking this film may actually exist…and that it would be a whole lot better than the first…Titanic, love it or hate it, you’ve got to watch the sequel…

All work and no (3.5mm) jack makes the Samsung Soul a dull phone

May 22, 2008

On tonight’s Download show on Pulse, I’m reviewing the Sony Ericsson W380i and the Samsung Soul. Now both have their own unique features to entice us into buying them and showing them off down the pub but… and it’s a big ‘but’… the biggest let down on both of them is their lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack. Why oh why do manufacturers still insist on making phones without this? It is so frustrating. You can even get a 3.5mm adaptor with the W380i so clearly Sony Ericsson are somewhat aware that people want to use their own headphones, but unfortunately for us, not aware enough.  These adaptors just look bulky and are just another extra to have to carry around. Who wants the hassle of that?

For me this is a real obstacle when it comes to getting a new handset. If, like me, you love your music, then you’ve probably got a half decent pair of headphones with which to lose yourself in your favourite tunes on the tube in the morning – blocking out other passengers’ sneezing, coughing, inane conversations about last night’s Apprentice or the worst, the person who insists on attempting to make a call in between tunnels (whoever you are, what is the point??). From top-of-the-range noise cancelling headphones to encrusted diamante in-ear monstrosities we all have something we prefer over what comes with our phones so why deprive us of using them?? So my message to the mobile industry? Listen up – we want to use your music players, we think some of them are actually pretty good. But if you think we’ll settle for your headphones, you don’t know jack. 

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