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Spammers have manners

January 14, 2009

Swinton Insurance emailed me twice today within two hours.
(So far so fascinating….)
The first time they emailed was to tell me that it was only 15 days until my house insurance is due for renewal.
(Can you hold your excitement?)
The second was to apologise for their mistake as my house insurance isn’t due at all.

See. Thing is, that’s the first time that I’ve ever had an apology from someone for spamming me. In a sad old way, I was quite touched, almost like we’d returned to the good old days when manners were manners and people gave up their seat for old people on the bus. OK, not quite. But nevertheless, I’ve decided I quite like this spam ettiquette. In fact, you never know, I might just look up Swinton Insurance when my home insurance is actually due…

Spammers target A, M, P and S addresses

September 3, 2008


No one likes spam...

You’ve got to love a bit of quirky research.

Personally, I’m an absolute sucker for Freakonomics, Blink, Black Swan and their ilk so yesterday when news was unveiled that email addresses that begin with the letters “A”, “M”, “P” or “S” are more likely to get spammed than those beginning with “Q” or “Z”, I cocked an eye, rubbed my little hands together and put the kettle on in preparation for a right riveting read. “Mmmm.  This WILL be interesting,” thought I. “Wonder what crazy systems and scams those pesky spammers have got up their sleeves, let’s read on!’

Some 400 words later, I learnt that “A”, “M”, “P” and “S” are more popular with spammers because more people have names beginning with those letters than “Q” and “Z”.  What incredible insight…

Dear reader, that’s ninety seconds of my life that I can never get back.

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