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‘Eve ho

July 8, 2009
Eve Online

Eve Online

Quick follow-up to our recent post on the rise of MMPORG crime.

Apparently, a CEO of EBank (the largest of Eve Online’s in-game financial institutions) has embezzled 200 billion interstellar kredits – which he managed to sell on for around £3,115.

The theft constitutes about 8% of the bank’s total holdings and this has caused many of the bank’s in-game customers to withdraw their virtual cash, creating a virtual credit crunch.

Apparently the player – Ricdic – used the cash to put down a deposit on a house and to pay medical bills.

Although Ricdic has been removed from Eve for trading kredits for real currency, he cannot be prosecuted under “real world” law. Stealing kredits in-game is accepted and encouraged – only selling them on for real-world cash is considered a breech of the game’s rules…

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