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Five of the best: Anti-theft gadgets

March 2, 2010

In the first instalment of a new recurring feature, we look at five of the most ingenious anti-theft technologies out there today:

1) Create a hidden compartment in any wall in your house and then hide the evidence with this fake electric socket covering. Unless thieves try to plug something in, they’re unlikely to ever spot this clever little hiding place. The only problem is that space is fairly limited, but it still provides enough room for your passport and other vital documents.

2) Hark back to the 80s with this fake car stereo facade. With most new cars sporting CD or mp3 players, car thieves will likely not look twice at this relic from the days of disco. The stereo uses an old cassette tape deck as a facade that attaches on top of the current stereo in your car.

3) Carrying your laptop or notebook around in this handy imitation newspaper case could be one way to avoid potential thieves. The newspaper even comes in five different languages, although clever criminals may wonder why you’re still reading news from months ago…

4) In the same vein as the car stereo protector, why not try out this handy Walkman case for your iPod? Of course, the extra size and weight may make this one unpopular with joggers…

5) This one may be somewhat unethical, but it’s a lot of fun. The “Home Security Paintball Gun Turret” can automatically track and gun down any moving target that comes into its range. Pets and would-be burglars beware.

‘Eve ho

July 8, 2009
Eve Online

Eve Online

Quick follow-up to our recent post on the rise of MMPORG crime.

Apparently, a CEO of EBank (the largest of Eve Online’s in-game financial institutions) has embezzled 200 billion interstellar kredits – which he managed to sell on for around £3,115.

The theft constitutes about 8% of the bank’s total holdings and this has caused many of the bank’s in-game customers to withdraw their virtual cash, creating a virtual credit crunch.

Apparently the player – Ricdic – used the cash to put down a deposit on a house and to pay medical bills.

Although Ricdic has been removed from Eve for trading kredits for real currency, he cannot be prosecuted under “real world” law. Stealing kredits in-game is accepted and encouraged – only selling them on for real-world cash is considered a breech of the game’s rules…

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