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Will Ferrell and Pearl’s Good Cop, Baby Cop v new Haribo advert

October 14, 2008
Compare Will Ferrell’s Good Cop Baby Cop sketch  to the latest Haribo advert advert.  No such thing as a new idea in advertising?  You decide…

The keys to successful viral marketing

July 25, 2008


One of the first stumbling-blocks that people encounter when talking about viral marketing is a confusion over what differentiates a viral campaign from mainstream marketing. True viral campaigns all share a number of key elements:


● They transmit themselves over existing communications networks


● They are self-replicating – just like a biological or computer virus


● The campaign can grow without your support (or control)


● The recipients pass on the marketing message voluntarily


Confusion also often results from the fact that viral campaigns can operate over a large number of different media: word of mouth, games, videos, eBooks, software, images, e-mail and even text messages.


So what makes a viral campaign become a great viral campaign?


1] You must ensure the viral is compatible with the values and personality of your brand and does not undermine the existing perception of it.


2] The viral must also be intrinsically relevant to the brand so that it cannot ‘shake off’ the brand’s message. An excellent example of this is Hotmail’s viral self-marketing on its own emails – users spread the viral as part and parcel with the free service.


3] Make sure that you have clearly mapped out the viral’s objective. Are you trying to build awareness, increase customer numbers, promote a specific event or do something else?


4] Your central concept for the viral has to stand out – it must be interesting, new and different. Ask yourself, why will people talk about this?


5] The viral must give the recipient something in return for spreading it. For example, a user passing on a funny viral expects to receive recognition and admiration from his friends for making them laugh.


6] It is important that your viral originates from a credible entity – i.e. it cannot blatantly come from an advertising or PR agency.


7] Identify individuals with a high social networking potential (SNP) and target them: for example, targeting prominent bloggers and pushing your product into the hands of leading consumers can be invaluable strategies.


8] Finally, you have ten to twenty seconds. Any longer and you will not be able to grab the audience’s attention. According to Jupiter Research’s latest European consumer survey, only 5% of the internet population has ever forwarded a marketing message.


And remember, it is extremely important to monitor the results of your viral – not least because your clients will want to know where their money went!


Of course, these media viruses can also spring up naturally… like the “dramatic gopher”…


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