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Close encounters of the turbined

January 8, 2009
The turbine in Lincolnshire

The turbine in Lincolnshire

Has anyone noticed the suspiciously high amount of UFO activity recently?

You can’t even leave a perfectly good wind turbine lying around for five minutes without some three-eyed pan-galactic drunk driver taking it out.

Nearby residents reported hearing a huge bang and seeing “a giant explosion in the air” and “a massive ball of light”. The 89 metre turbine lost one of its propellers and another was severely damaged. Ecotricity, the turbine manufacturer, said “this kind of thing has never happened to us before”.

The current expert theory is that the damage was caused by “rapidly freezing ice” or “shearing”.

My personal theory is that it’s a PR stunt, which has already secured coverage in The Times, The Telegraph, The Sun, Radio 4 and a host of other nationals and broadcast media.

Or it could be aliens with a distaste for renewable energy sources, obviously.



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