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Shoe me the money…

December 22, 2008


You may remember President Bush’s encounter with a pair of rapidly moving size 10s last week.

Whilst the President escaped without a shoe-shiner, only a few hours later the puns were flying too: “It’s shoe time”, “Back at shoe”, “Arch enemy” and “The shoe must go on” to name but a few.

One of the best was “Sock and Awe”, which prompted Alex Tew to set up an online game in which, you guessed it, you hurl shoes at the President.

The site sold on eBay for over £5,000 to Fubra, a company looking to cash in on the massive number of viewers flocking there.

Well, I got a kick out of it…

Now even birds are going on strike…

November 21, 2008



Bird Strike!

Bird Strike!

Apparently, the aviation industry’s troubles are continuing and now even nature has turned against them…

“Multiple bird strikes” forced Ryanair flight FR4102 from the sky and into an emergency landing last week.  Ryanair immediately released pictures of the blood splattered plane – presumably believing this to be some kind of PR coup.

Interestingly, lessons seem to have been leant from Ryanair’s handling of previous crises and they apologised profusely for the disruption. Near-misses like these are always a PR challenge for companies, but full disclosure is a good policy. They also correctly mentioned the efforts of the crew to keep the passengers safe.

An airline cannot really be blamed when a flock of birds decides to commit mass-suicide-by-aircraft-engine, but any negative PR is something to be avoided in the current climate for the aviation industry. Whilst most people may choose not to fly because of the credit crunch, there must be some who just don’t like the idea that their multi-million dollar passenger jet can be brought down by a depressed seagull…

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