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Never fear, the monkeys will save you

September 28, 2010

There’s been many a story around this year’s Commonwealth Games in India, but the latest instalment in the saga, after the dodgy hotels in the athlete’s village, the snakes infesting the complex and collapsing bridges, is a troupe of trained MONKEYS sent to protect the athletes. Yes, today the Telegraph reports that a team of trained monkeys will be guarding the athletes at this year’s Commonwealth Games. The ‘highly intelligent primates have been patrolling stadiums and accommodation blocks to scare off other wildlife including wild monkeys, dogs and even snakes.’

The Langur monkeys are known for their ‘intelligence but also their aggression’ and are ‘highly effective in deterring other animals from taking up residence’. Maybe they make like a skunk and let off a pungent scent…Poor athletes. Not 100% sure Tom Daley knew what he was letting himself in for, poor little diving boy. Still, better to have a beaming monkey on patrol than dive into a pool infested with rats, or worse, a deadly cobra as one athlete reported.

Fancy waking up with one of these in your face?

Whatever next. Thoughts welcome 🙂

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